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  • XADAGO is available in two dosages: 50 mg and 100 mg
  • The recommended starting dose is 50 mg once daily


  • After 2 weeks, the 50 mg daily dosage may be increased to 100 mg/day on the basis of individual need and tolerability
  • If a dose is missed, the next dose should be taken at the same time the next day
  • XADAGO 100 mg/day should be tapered by decreasing the dose to 50 mg/day for one week before stopping
  • In patients with moderate hepatic impairment, a lower dosage of XADAGO(50 mg/day) should be used. XADAGO is contraindicated in patients with severe hepatic impairment (Child-Pugh C)
  • Dietary tyramine restriction is not required during treatment with recommended doses of XADAGO. However, patients should be advised to avoid foods containing a very high amount of tyramine because of the potential for severe increases in blood pressure, also referred to as hypertensive urgency, crisis, or emergency.
  • Can be used with SSRIs at the lowest effective SSRI dose

>87% of patients in clinical trials required no decrease in their levodopa dose2,3

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