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Who can Xadago help?

Once-daily XADAGO is an option for patients with PD being treated with levodopa who are experiencing off episodes

  • XADAGO provides more daily on time without troublesome dyskinesia1,2
  • XADAGO reduced off time1,2
  • XADAGO improved motor function as assessed by UPDRS III1,3,4

XADAGO has not been shown to be effective as monotherapy for the treatment of PD1

Identifying Xadago Patients

If any of your PD patients are experiencing the following, he or she may benefit from once-daily XADAGO.

  • On levodopa experiencing the return of motor symptoms—the main feature of PD onset and progression
  • On levodopa experiencing fluctuations in off time—characterized by a suboptimal response with the return of symptoms


"I'm feeling more off... levodopa isn't working like it used to..."

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"My symptoms are making it difficult to use my computer at work."

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Xadago patient profiles

These profiles represent patients who may be appropriate for treatment with XADAGO.

MICHAEL, 57 year old male, shop owner

Patient history

First noticed right-hand tremor at age 55 and was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD) a year later. He was initially started on a dopamine agonist but did not tolerate due to side effects—sometimes he would feel dizzy or more tired. He tolerated the change to carbidopa/levodopa 25/100 mg three times a day with good response.

Current status

About 1 year after starting carbidopa/levodopa, patient notes increased slowness, rigidity, and tremor with the current dose of carbidopa/levodopa. The symptoms are interfering with his work around the shop.

See how XADAGO can help patients experiencing motor fluctuations

CELIA, 62 year old female, part-time accountant

Patient history

Diagnosed with PD 4 years ago, 62-year-old female had improved motor function with carbidopa/levodopa (25 mg/100 mg) three times a day and pramipexole ER 2.25 mg.

Current status

Now she is experiencing her carbidopa/levodopa dose wearing, off sooner than previously. About 30-45 minutes before each dose, she notes increased tremor and balance difficulty. She is unable to increase her pramipexole due to lower-extremity edema at higher doses. The off time impairs her work as a part-time accountant.

Learn about improving on time—without troublesome dyskinesia

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*Patients whose prescriptions will be paid for in part or in whole by Medicare, Medicaid, or any similar federal or state healthcare program, are not eligible for savings or rebates according to federal and state law. Patients must visit a pharmacy participating in the eVoucherRx and/or Denial Conversion program for savings or rebates on their XADAGO prescriptions. The actual savings on your patient’s out-of-pocket costs for XADAGO will vary according to refill quantity, personal healthcare insurance coverage, and adherence to FDA dosing guidelines. Please review the XADAGO Prescription Savings Program Terms and Conditions to learn more.
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