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During a typical day, PD patients experience on time and off time. In addition, on time can be accompanied by troublesome dyskinesia.

On time is when your oral levodopa/carbidopa medication is working well, your PD symptoms are at a minimum, and you are moving and able to go about your day.

Off time is when your oral levodopa/carbidopa medication isn’t working, your PD symptoms have re-emerged and are at or near their worst, and symptoms like stiffness (rigidity), freezing, shaking (tremor), or difficulty moving get in the way of your daily tasks.

Troublesome dyskinesia refers to uncontrollable (involuntary), abnormal movements that interfere with your daily activities, and often occur as a side effect of long-term treatment with levodopa/carbidopa.


XADAGO was compared to placebo in 2 clinical trials of over 1,100 patients with PD who were taking levodopa/carbidopa and experiencing off episodes.1

The majority of PD patients in the clinical trials did not require a reduction in their levodopa/carbidopa dose when used with XADAGO.2,3

Significant Improvements In Three Major Areas1


Once-daily XADAGO, when added to your levodopa/carbidopa, can help control PD motor symptoms—and give you more on time.1

More ability to speak

Less shaking (tremor)

More freedom of facial expression

Less stiffness (rigidity)

Improved balance

Less slowed movement (bradykinesia)

XADAGO improvement over time2,3

In clinical studies, people taking once-daily XADAGO saw more on time without troublesome dyskinesia, a reduction in their off time (episodes), and an improvement in their ability to move throughout the day within the first few weeks and out to 6 months


MAO-B is an enzyme that naturally breaks down chemicals in your brain, like dopamine.

A shortage of dopamine in your brain can cause impaired movement and PD motor symptoms like stiffness (rigidity), freezing, and shaking (tremor).

XADAGO is a medication that helps prevent MAO-B from breaking down dopamine in your brain.1

Adding XADAGO to your levodopa/carbidopa medicine may increase your dopamine levels—and reduce some of your PD motor symptoms.1

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