During clinical trials, physicians reported that XADAGO, when added to levodopa/carbidopa, helped control patients’ PD motor symptoms such as1,2*:

More ability to speak

Less shaking (tremor)

More freedom of facial expression

Less stiffness (rigidity)

Improved balance

Less slowed movement (bradykinesia)

*As assessed by the UPDRS III scale

How can XADAGO help you?

Clinical trials showed that once-daily XADAGO can1:

  • Increase daily on time—without troublesome dyskinesia

  • Reduce off time and off time symptoms

  • Help improve your ability to move and take on your day

Get more on time—up to 1 hour

XADAGO can give you lasting on time without troublesome dyskinesia.

XADAGO patients reported significant improvements in their health status at 6 months1,4*

*As assessed by the Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire (PDQ-39), a PD-specific health status questionnaire. Results are based on the 100 mg/day dose of XADAGO.


MAO-B is a substance that naturally breaks down chemicals in your brain, like dopamine. Too little dopamine in your brain can cause impaired movement and PD motor symptoms like stiffness (rigidity), freezing, and shaking (tremor).3

XADAGO helps block MAO-B from breaking down dopamine in your brain3

Adding XADAGO to levodopa/carbidopa increases dopamine levels by preserving your body’s dopamine, as well as dopamine made from levodopa, at all stages of PD.

Ask your doctor if XADAGO may be right for you


Before taking XADAGO, tell your healthcare provider about all the medications and supplements you are taking.3 While taking XADAGO, discuss with your healthcare provider any medications you may consider starting.3

Most common side effects when taking XADAGO include3:

  • Uncontrolled, sudden movements (dyskinesia)

  • Falls

  • Nausea

  • Trouble falling asleep or sleeping (insomnia)

Restriction of foods and beverages containing tyramine is usually not required when treated with the recommended doses of XADAGO. However, it is recommended that you avoid foods containing high amounts of tyramine, such as aged cheeses, as some patients may have an increased sensitivity that could lead to an unsafe rise in blood pressure.

All PD patients should be monitored for hallucinations, impulse control, and confusion.

Please refer to the full Prescribing Information and Patient Information for all the possible side effects, and talk with your doctor.

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